About our school

Today, the school boasts a total of  + 1308 learners in the main stream, with an additional, + 180 learners in Grade R, giving us a total of +1 488 learners.
Although we are a multi-cultural school, Panorama is based on a “Christian Ethos”, parallel-medium and represents a diversity of races, cultures and religions. We accommodate and respect all other religions and cultures.

Our Principal is Mr Anton Mostert, who is supported by the Governing Body, the PTA and 106 staff members made up of educators, specialist educators, assistant teachers, an extra-mural co-ordinator, a network-, system- and database administrator, after-care personnel, administrative personnel, a factotum and general staff.
The governing body has an important role in the school, with the decision-making and management of key issues. We have 67 Governing body posts and 41 WCED posts, in decision-making and management of key issues in the school.

Our PTA is made up of parents who selflessly volunteer their time and expertise and whose efforts flourish under the brilliant leadership of our PTA Chairperson.

The school has 48 educators in Grades R to 7. Each grade from 1 to 7 has at least one assistant teacher, as well as 3 assistants in Grade R. Two educators man the school’s junior and senior computer classes, a library, an art classroom and a technology room. We also have two staff members specifically appointed to provide physical training for all our learners from Grades R-7. Our network, database- and system administrator oversees the technical infrastructure of the school.

Our remedial department (EST) consists of 1 permanent and 1 private remedial teacher, 1 private occupational therapist, a private hearing and speech therapist and 21 of our educators who are responsible for didactic aid.

We have our own Cultural Centre where music tuition is offered by 2 permanent staff members and 3 semi-private music teachers.

The school also offers the services of a Tuck-shop, Clothing shop and an After-care centre, where we accommodate about 250 learners under the supervision of our competent staff.

There is a safety fence around our school with a Safety Officer controlling entrance to the grounds, at the main gate.

We offer a wide variety of sport codes and extra-mural activities, free of charge, which is orchestrated by our sport co-ordinator. Professional coaching is offered in different sport codes (privately as well). 

We are proud of our excellent facilities and we are one of the most “well-equipped” schools in the Western Cape, with a reputation for high standards.

Panorama Primary School offers free Portuguese lessons once a week at the school. Please contact Professor Sofia Regio at sofiarego83@gmail.com for more information.


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