During school term: 12:30 – 17:30
Day when school closes: 10:45 – 17:30
School Holidays: 07:00 – 17:30
  • Currently there are 11 supervisors in the centre;
  • Each supervisor has a sign-in register and curricular activity list for their respective groups;
  • Parents need to sign out their children when fetching them;
  • Only personnel are allowed at the centre, parents and others need to wait in the lobby until assisted by personnel;
  • Learners will be called through an intercom system;
  • Grade 1 and 2 learners are collected at school by the personnel responsible. Learners who take part in curricular activities dress at school and go directly to the sport grounds. After practice, they then go directly to the aftercare centre;
  • Parents are requested to inform the centre if the children will be picked up after school by either the parent or someone else. No aftercare learners are allowed to wait for their parents at the school gate if the centre wasn’t informed;
  • Grade 3 to 7 learners change clothes after school, under supervision at the different locations before reporting to the centre.


Play areas
  • Grade R learners play separately on the Grade R playground. If it rains, they stay in their classes;
  • Grade 1 to 7 plays outside on the field. If it rains, they stay in the hall or play under the shed;
  • The areas are manned at all times to ensure proper supervision.


There are two Afrikaans and two English supervisors for Grade 1 and 2, who collect the children between 13:00 and 14:00 and accompany them to the Grade R classes.


  • Grade 3 to 7 learners leave between 14:45 and 16:30 to their respective classes in school.
  • At all times are there personnel who supervise the classrooms.
  • Parents must inform the school in writing, should they wish that their child does not do his/her homework at school, although we urge each learner and parents to use the time given for homework optimal!
  • Should the learner’s sport times be during study times, the child forfeits his/her study time.
  • Absolute silence should prevail during study time and supervisors must walk through the class and not sit at their desks.


Injured or sick learners
  • The parents of learners that feel sick or are injured will be immediately contacted for permission to be given medication. In case of emergencies, parents need to give permission that the child may be taken to the Doctor or hospital, where the parents will meet the child.


Penalties for after hours
At all times will there be two staff members available who will stay with your child, even if the parent be late. A penalty fee will be charged though for late-comers, which has to be paid within 24 hours. No learners with outstanding fees will be allowed at the centre. See penalty fees below.
  • There is one general assistant worker who works daily at the centre from 07:00 to 15:30. She is responsible for keeping the centre and area clean and tidy.
  • There is a tuck-shop at the centre, manned by one of the supervisors. She does all the purchasing in her spare-time without any remuneration. The tuck-shop is based in the kitchen and sells fruit juice, chips, sweets and food like “hot dogs”. All purchases are done at Makro and cash are deposited back into the school’s account. 
  • Refreshments are provided twice a year. At the end-of- the-year-function, each learner receives a juice and chips which are budgeted for. 
  • The aftercare shares its facilities with the Pre-Primary. The office and sick-bay are also shared.
  • The toilets in the lobby are used in the mornings by the pre-primary class and in the afternoons by the aftercare learners.
  • The hall and porch are used by the aftercare in the afternoons.
  • Grade R Learners play separately on the Grade R field.

  • NO aftercare fees are received at the aftercare, only holiday and penalty fees will be received, for which a receipt will be given.
  • We try not to keep more than R3000 cash at a time on the premises. 
  • Aftercare fees are deposited at Absa.
  • A penalty fee of R40 per learner is payable after 17:30 per quarter hour. These fees are payable at the centre and receipts are submitted. The money is then shared amongst the personnel for services rendered after hours and given during December. 
  • Learners who attend the centre during school holidays will pay an additional R30 per learner per day, which is payable daily, with no alternative payment options available.
  • There are funds provided for holiday outings and art materials which the children may use, we make use of Elwierda Bus Services, learners have the opportunity to make their own artwork and take it home.

There are three payment options available:

  • Pay the cash in at the school and receive a receipt,
  • Electronic payment directly into the school’s bank account
  • By debit order. 

The fees are payable over 10 months, February until November, on or before the first day of each month.

Should the fees not be paid in time, the aftercare service will be stopped immediately, parents will be notified by sms and in writing that their aftercare services have been terminated and learners who are on the waiting list, will be given the available space. 

Fees for 2018:
R850 per month per learner - full day option. Discount option available. R500 per month per learner for waiting period until 14:30. No discount option. This service will only be available for existing enrolled learners at aftercare. School fees are first priority. No learner will be allowed to attend aftercare if school fees are outstanding.